Celebrating Community and Making Fun Things More Affordable

About Us

    The Mission of iBuddyClub Inc.

    "Connecting Caring Citizens with Outstanding Business Establishments for the Greater Good of the Community".

    There is no greater calling than to work for the betterment of young people and we at the iBuddyClub are honored to do so.

    We are businesspeople that have turned the staid process of fundraising into a "FUN RAISING" Revolution!

    Our trend setting, evolutionary technology and commitment to community will easily surpass all other coupon programs and fundraising events.

    The iBuddyClub quickly becomes an experience and a lifestyle for the people in communities we touch.

    By using "Profits for a Purpose" iBuddyClub Inc. has changed the direction of fundraising forever!

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    Lake Wylie location only. Lake Wylie's only 24 hour co-ed gym