Celebrating Community and Making Fun Things More Affordable

Fundraising and Community Rewards

    We promise to put the "FUN" back in Fundraising!

    The iBuddyClub is an original, one of a kind fundraising tool that has an immediate and residual impact on the community and its "Chain of Use Participants".

  • Quickly and efficiently increases your fundraising significantly.
  • iBuddyClub gives "OFF THE TOP" proceeds as well as passive residual income to the fundraiser upon customers anniversary renewal.
  • Once your fundraising code is placed in online form your customized page appears with bonus box at check out (“Would you like to donate an additional $1, $5, or $10).
  • The iBuddyClub App connects the community to your organization and the cause that you are promoting.
  • We promote and contribute to all Fundraisers including Churches, Athletic Programs, Activity Programs, Public and Private Schools as well as our public servants and heroes (Firemen, Policemen, Wounded Warriors, Soldiers and Teachers).
  • By using our format to raise funds, your supporters save money which causes them to buy more often, renew annually, and become loyal partners for life.
  • The iBuddyClub partners with your community's caring neighbors and business merchants to support your efforts.
  • It's a turnkey program with minimal administrative support from the fundraising organization once launched.
  • Our proprietary technology neatly tracks all sales and usage for the fundraiser and business merchant.
  • By Branding the iBuddyClub Mobile Application with your logo; every time a customer uses the program they will think of your organization.
  • "We are excited to be part of your community and look forward to serving you for many years to come".

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