Celebrating Community and Making Fun Things More Affordable

How it Works

    What is the iBuddyClub?

    We are a unique, convenient, exclusive and discreet, business merchant discount club. Our proprietary Mobile Application offers a recurring positive impact on the "Chain of Use Participants".

    These "Chain of Use Participants" will save thousands and help to raise tens of thousands while generating residual income with our state of the art technology, business merchant partnership and savings format.

    Who are the "Chain of Use Participants"?

    A Chain of Use Participant is every "Buddy" who is community conscious including:

    Business Merchants • Business Owners • Athletic Programs • Activity Programs • Non-Profits Schools • Churches Charities • Firefighters • Policemen • Wounded Warriors Soldiers • Community Oriented Individuals • Teachers • Community Organizations • National Foundations

    iBuddyClub is a WIN for the Customer, a WIN for the Business Merchant, a WIN for the Community, and it's a WIN for the Local Heroes and our valued club members "The Chain of Use Participants".

Watch out for the

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