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$100/year per category,if you select more than Two categories

Make Me Golden Egg Merchant :
Golden Egg Merchant is an Offer that pays for the App in just one visit from our donors. It can be offered once a year, twice a year, once a month or unlimited. These generous merchants are contributing substantially to the value of the App for our fundraisers. The Merchant will be placed in the Golden Egg Category and any other relevant category selected. These Offers are redeemed the most by iBuddyClub patrons and the merchant can expect a LOT of traffic
and income. All Offers are subject to approval by iBC "Merchant Managing Architect".
Make Me Featured Merchant :
$100 Per Month
The FEATURED MERCHANT is the showcase category and our customers will view it first. To bring more attention to the Merchant, iBuddy sends out a beacon notification on the day specified by the merchant reminding the customer to check out the Merchant Offer under Featured Categories.
Make Me Event Merchant :
$100 Per Month
The Event Category is frequented often by our customers. The Merchant will be placed in Category and a Beacon will be sent reminding customers of the Event on the particular day the merchant specifies.
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This is the number of months within the next year that the notifications are to be sent

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This is the day of the week the notification will be sent.

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Monthly Subscription ($60/month + setup ($100) )
Yearly Subscription ($600/year)
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