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Sales People Rewards

    Benefits for Sales People to buy iBuddyClub for clients:

  • Buying the iBuddyClub for a client is "first and foremost" a way to say "thank you" for their patronage.
  • iBuddyClub co-branding with local organizations shows your company is being community conscious and aware.
  • The iBuddyClub helps you stay in touch with your client.
  • Your company gets that daily, weekly and monthly touch every time your clients use their Mobile Application.
  • Rewarding your customers will encourage them to refer others to your company.
  • It's a great way to grow business through word of mouth sales.
  • The Mobile Application is an automatic, hands off way to stay in front of your customers. Every time they use the Mobile Application out it reminds them of you.
  • A great way to thank your client by saving them money and by offering more options for dining out, or family oriented activities.

Watch out for the

  • Anytime Fitness
    No joining fee or du...

    Lake Wylie location only. Lake Wylie's only 24 hour co-ed gym