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iBuddyClub.com Sales Training
and Fulfillment Objectives

    The iBuddyClub App is a great fundraising tool and is particularly powerful in the hands of our youth. However, in addition to the fundraising, benefitshis App also provides hands-on training and education for our youth in real world settings. By engaging the youth of schools, churches, and other organizations, this App will help the children learn responsibility, teamwork, goal setting, and the value of generating earnings. Few activities demonstrate the value of planning, organization and commitment more clearly than the combined efforts of a team reaching their goal.The iBuddyClub App helps young people promote new skills, learn about sales and marketing and reach new levels of personal success.

    Advantages of kids selling iBuddyClub Memberships:

  • Never have to carry cash
  • iBuddyClub keeps tracks of sales and transfers funds to fundraiser organization
  • Customer reaps a benefit with every Business Merchant, so the sale is easy
  • Customer gets investment back after a few visits, so sale is easy
  • The Child's sales goals are very easy to reach
  • Investment in Community
  • iBuddyClub has a residual return so child does not have to sell to the same customer the following year. Most buyers typically renew and those funds are automatically sent to fundraiser.

    If you are a newbie to the world of selling, the following information will help you get started. “Sales” is not really an art or a science, and it’s not hard, but it does take planning and organization. Because you are just getting started, it can seem a bit daunting at first. But in the end, it's very rewarding. In no time, you and the youth selling the Apps will be experienced sales people.


    Get your materials ready: The sales materials consist of a chart for your records and about 20 post cards with iBuddyClub.com. Simply download the sales information, business merchant list and your script. You may also bring your prize sheet that shows the incentive prizes and how many memberships you must sell.

    Set goals: After looking at the incentives, pick three goals, a short-term immediate goal, a mid-range goal, and a long-term goal. Your goals should include a determined number of sales to be achieved in specific time frames. Your short-term goal should be a realistic personal goal that you can achieve quickly, even if it is only two App sales within three days. Once you achieve this goal, then set another achievable goal while also striving to attain your mid-range goal. By setting attainable goals, you will be encouraged to continue selling the Apps and hitting your targets. It is better to start small and have success immediately.

    You can also help pick a goal for the amount of funds to raise and who or what they will benefit. That is, decide what you'll do with the money (donate to a player in need...help a special event... fund a service project...). Above all, write your goals down on your script to keep them in front of you while you are selling.

    Be prepared to answer questions: Remember that you will be introducing the App and its benefits to people who may not be familiar with the iBuddyClub App. Anticipate the questions that are likely to be asked including: 1) how much the iBuddyClub membership costs, 2) which merchants are available in your area, 3) how much can be saved by using the App, 4) the fact that the App can be purchased and used on both iPhones and Android phones, 5) who benefits from the sale of the App, and 6) your goals for the amount of funds you plan to raise. Remember, people like to help others so don’t be afraid to explain your fundraising goals and how the funds will be used.

    Tools: Take along a clipboard and a pen whenever you are meeting with someone in person. These make it easier for buyers to fill out any forms that you may have without having to write against their door frames or walls. You may even wish to tie the pen to the clipboard, to ensure that you don't lose it.


    You should talk to your neighbors about the App. Our neighbors are usually the best candidates for buying an App other than immediate family and friends. If so, follow these simple rules.

    Safety: No matter how old you are, it is important to have a parent or responsible person with you when you are meeting with your neighbors. If possible, don’t go inside of the home alone. Your neighbors are probably nice people but it is best to be cautious. So, stay outside and share the information with them.

    Follow the sidewalk: If possible, don’t walk on your neighbor’s grass. This shows that you respect their home. It’s considered rude by some people to just barge through the front yard. Ring the doorbell, put on a smile, and wait.

    Script: Practice what you plan to say before beginning your sales journey. When someone answers the door, tell them who you are and what you're selling. It is a good idea to have the script and information with you just in case you forget something. (See the Script below)

    Making the sale: Be sure that you explain the benefits that they will enjoy after buying the App. Most people will see the obvious benefits and realize that this is a great bargain. Once they buy the App, or even if they don’t, thank the person and leave via the sidewalk. Learn from the experience and move on to the next sale. Go forth and conquer the rest of your neighborhood!


    Relatives and friends: Make a list of your relatives and friends, then call and email them. These are usually your best prospects because they already know and trust you. Simply explain how the iBuddyClub App is helping your community and how they can save money year-round while also helping the local and national merchants, as well as helping your cause.

    Ask people at school: This includes teachers, bus drivers, and even other students (though you'll need to get special permission from the school to sell to students). Everyone will benefit from the iBuddyClub Program including teachers, office staff, janitors, and other ''less noticed'' school personnel. They would all be good prospects, since they probably have fewer people asking them.

    Your parents: Have them help you sell the App by taking the brochure to work. This is an easy way to get lots of sales in one convenient place, and your parent(s) will take care of the pitch. If they work at a time when you're not in school, you may even be able to go to their workplace and set up a mini-booth sale near the front entrance or their office door.

    Church: If you attend church, it is a great way to sell the iBuddyClub App to people who regularly attend there. Many of them will already know and trust you. After the church service or event, show them the great benefits of belonging to the iBuddyClub program. Remember to emphasize that iBuddyClub celebrates community by helping local merchants while also raising funds for your cause. And, help them to realize that they will be saving lots of money. Be sure to have a post card brochure to hand out.

    Booth sales: You can talk to business owners about setting up a booth outside the entrance to their store. This not only helps you but also draws attention to the store. Be sure to explain to the business owner or manager how achieving your goals also helps them. They might even decide to become an iBuddyClub merchant.


    Here is a sample script that you can modify to fit your fundraising cause:

    Hi, my name is Jane Smith, and I am with Celebration High School Girls Volley Team. I'm selling iBuddyClub memberships to help raise money for my uniform, League Play and our team's expenses.

    The iBuddyClub membership can save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a year at local business merchants.

    (Hand them the list of Business merchants with Download information).

    If you haven't heard of iBuddyClub yet, you will. iBuddyClub promotes the goals of ''Building up Dreams and Developing Youth” and it also “Celebrates Community by making fun things more affordable.'' Each business merchant on our list contributes to the enrichment of young people and community from many organizations all over the area.

    When you purchase an iBuddyClub Membership, not only can you save thousands of dollars for your family but you will be contributing to community programs. Your investment will be paid back within a few visits to these wonderful local merchants and your membership lasts an entire year.

    The cost is only $29.95 and your contribution will make a make a difference in so many lives. Will you please help support us?

    If they say yes, ask them to please spell their name, write down on your form and make sure they understand the card you handed earlier. They must go on their Mobile Application or on the iBuddyClub.com website to purchase. Remember, you MUST give them your personal code to enter so that you get credit for the sale.

    If they say no, say thank you, with a big smile and ask if you can leave the card with them anyway? Always say ''Thank You'' when you are done - even if they decide not to buy! Then, keep a list of anyone who said “no” as you can revisit them later.

    Selling Tips

  • ALWAYS wear your uniform or at least your jersey
  • ALWAYS smile and introduce yourself
  • ALWAYS tell your customers why you are selling the iBuddy Club Membership
  • KNOW and mention some of the local business merchants
  • ALWAYS say "Thank You"
  • ALWAYS write down the name of people who purchase
  • ALWAYS have your informational postcards with a pen and clipboard

    Safety Tips

  • NEVER enter anyone's home
  • NEVER sell after dark unless you are with an adult
  • DON'T carry large amounts of cash because no cash is needed
  • ALWAYS walk on the sidewalk and driveway
  • ALWAYS sell with another Team Member or with an adult

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